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NHS - It's In Our Blood

A Labour Government will reverse the Tory downgrading of the Alex and return full services to the hospital we all rely on. We will invest an extra £7.4 billion annually into the NHS, providing more beds, more nurses and more doctors. Restoring the services to our hospital that this Government has stolen away from the people of Redditch.

Redditch Labour at the #NHS70 London demo #NHS70 London demo
Only Labour is commited to halting Tory hospital closures. The NHS is in our blood. We are determined to improve patient services in Redditch and returned the Alex to full health.

"It's not good enough! we're seeking firm commitments from the NHS trust... As winter sets in the difficulties people in Redditch face to get to Worcestershire Royal will only get worse."
Cllr Bill Hartnett

Labour Fight Off Tory Privatisation

In the three months leading up to the budget, Conservative councillors repeatedly went against the wishes of the public consultation and attempted to ´privatise our Leisure services´. That's not only Abbey stadium but Forge Mill, the Palace Theatre, Arrow Valley park, Morton Stanley park, children's play areas, and many other amenities.

Labour Councillors won by a single vote
On each occasion Labour prevented the privatisation of our leisure services by a slim majority. Labour has since lost its majority at council, and once again the Conservatives look to privatise our publicly owned assets. We must be ever watchful and fight to keep the jewel in Redditch's crown for people, not for profit.

Redditch Labour Councillor Pat Witherspoon Cllr Pat Witherspoon

The Conservatives Have No Credibility

Locally and nationally, the Conservative party have lost all credibility. We have a council without a plan, a county council close to bankruptcy, an MP who puts her career before her constituents, a PM whose sense of entitlement corrodes his sense of duty and a government whose failures have brought our country to its knees. It's Time for a Labour government.

Jobs For Working People
Labour will create an economy that puts working people first. Introducing a real Living Wage of £10 per hour by 2020.
Hope for the many - The Labour Manifesto
 our manifesto  
Rescue the NHS
Labour will halt Tory hospital closures and invest an extra £7.4 billion annually into improving patient services
Affordable Housing
Over the term of the next parliament Labour will build a million new homes, including 100,000 per year of affordable homes to buy and to rent.

County Council Incompetence

Conservative financial mismanagement has devastated the Tory-led shires. Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire and our own worcestershire county council have joined Somerset, Norfolk, Lancashire and Surrey, on the brink of bankruptcy, with one in ten Tory councils forcast to become insolvent as Tory Austerity plans fail.

Tory County Council In Turmoil
The Labour group have called a 'vote of no confidence' on Conservative run Worcestershire county council and asked for Government intervention to turn around a tory administration in “total turmoil”.
CCllr Robin Lunn
Worcestershire Council In Bankruptcy Zone
Tory Worcestershire's Conservative council leader Simon Geraghty was too scared of public opinion to share a "damning independent finance review" showing Worcestershire county close to being declared bankrupt.
£60m Cuts Planned
Redditch Labour county councillors, Andrew Fry, Pattie Hill and Robin Lunn are damning in their condemnation of our Tory County Councils mismanagement - "tory incompetence, fiscal ineptitude and cuts in services, with £60m additional cuts yet to come, has put the county council in a perilous position."
Redditch Labour County Councillors Andy Fry, Pattie Hill & Robin Lunn CCllr Andy Fry, CCllr Pattie Hill & CCllr Robin Lunn
Failing Childrens Services
DofE Commissioner for Children's Services in Worcestershire spoke of "widespread, systemic failings" in children's services. Failing the most vulnerable.
Cllr Bill Hartnett
Redditch Council At Risk
FOUR of the shambolic Conservitive county councillors responsible for this mess are also running Redditch council, Putting our towns finances at risk from the same Tory incompetence that plagues our county council.

Labour's Vision For Redditch

Redditch Labour councillors unveiled an exciting multi-million pound regeneration scheme that's been two years in the planning. A vision to transform the heart of our town and create a thriving, vibrant public space. A town centre that sensitively integrates the new with the old, highlighting our listed buildings, showcasing our heritage.

21st Centuary Redditch
A vision for Redditch - One Public Estate
The proposal will transform the main arrival point in Redditch by integrating bus and train services with the shopping centre and providing conference facilities along with retail and housing. First impressions are important and our visitors will be left in no doubt they have arrived in a 21st-century town.
A vision for Redditch - The Public Relm
At the heart of the town centre regeneration is a public space, a piazza with water fountains, cafes & restaurants, a food hall & artisan market offering quality local produce. Where food, music & the arts are celebrated in festivals promoting local culture & talent.
A vision for Redditch - A Day and Night Public Space
Our town centre will be a 'day & night' public space offering bars & night spots with a lively social scene. A place for friends to meet, chat and socialise. Putting the town at the centre of our social lives. Not only for our townsfolk but drawing people in from the outlying village's. Making Redditch more relevant to our lifestyles.
Town Hall
Converting the town hall & police station into apartments is what powers the new urban vision, transforming a dead part of town into a thriving, vibrant area with much needed affordable homes to help our young people onto the housing ladder, while the involvement of the Housing Associations will ensure our people benefit from decent housing at affordable rents. Meanwhile, the town hall will move just the few yards across Church Green to Smallwood hospital, taking the library and job centre with it.
Attracting investment
This multi-million pound regeneration has been 2 years in the planning and is the best thing to happen in Redditch for 40 years. Our local entrepreneurs are ideally placed to take advantage of the possibilities a project on this scale offers, our own small businesses and start-ups first in line to exploit the opportunities. With increased footfall comes interest from investors, attracting businesses, luring amenities and entertainment to the heart of our town. This is an ambitious plan, a positive plan, a vision for Redditch's future that will transform Redditch into the town we all want it to be.
Attracting Jobs

Redditch A Labour Target Seat

Jerremy Corbyn has named Redditch as one of Labours top 25 target seats for the next election. Labours parliamentary candidate for Redditch, Rebecca Jenkins, added, "Redditch is the key to government. If we win Redditch, we win the election". The Labour leaders visit to Redditch is the first of many planned by high profile Labour MP's.

Labour Leader Visits Redditch
In a speech given to a crowd of over 500 at the town centre bandstand, Jeremy Corbyn promised the people of Redditch that ´the alex will be saved´ from the Tories pernicious plan of cuts, sell-offs & privatisation.
Cllr Pat Witherspoon & Cllr Bill Hartnett With Jeremy Corbyn MP At Redditch Bandstand

“I’ve been looking at the whole issue of the extreme distances people have to travel between Accident & Emergency departments in Redditch and Worcester and even across to Warwickshire. A Labour government would invest in the local A&E department here in Redditch to improve the facilities available to local people.”

Jeremy Corbyn MP

Labour Will Abolish STP's
The labour leader also reasured Redditch residents about the governments latest initiative for privatising our NHS, their ´strategic & transformation plan´, currently being rolled-out across Herefordshire and Worcestershire, will see millions cut from NHS Worcestershires budget and is a gateway for privatisation of services...

“I am totally against these STP´s and we will abandon them when in government,”

Council Homes Building Fund In Peril

Tory Councillors are preparing to divert Redditch Labour's £12M council home building fund to subsidise self-build projects for those who can afford to build their own homes. With unseamly haste, the Tory Council have revealed their true intentions which were not part of their manifesto & not revealed to the public before the election.

Labours Social Housing Legacy Must Be Protected.

“We will also be trying to encourage people who would like help to build their own house – for example on a site we could have five council houses and five self builds"
Cllr Matthew Dormer - Leader Redditch Conservatives

Labour set up the £12m fund to build council homes like those currently being built in Dixon Close, Abbey. Our council is one of the few councils in the country that not only has held on to its housing stock but is expanding it. Making it one of the largest council retained housing stocks in the West Midlands.
Everyone has a right to a home
The fund also allowed the previous Labour Council to run a 'mortgage rescue scheme' which enables the council to buy out properties that are in danger of repossession, not only adding a property to the councils housing stock but saving a family from homelessness. In addition, the council also have a 'buy-back scheme', purchasing existing property to turn into council homes.
Tory cuts to housing investment have halved the number of new low-cost homes for first-time buyers and driven the number of new social rented homes being built to a record low leaving our young people at the mercy of buy-to-let landlords. So further to their own building program, the previous Labour council setup a partnership with one of the largest Co-operative housing associations in the country making available decent housing at affordable rents for our townsfolk.


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